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September 15 2014


Tips to Help Your Toner Last Longer

Everyone loves the idea that color laser printers offer more detailed and better quality prints than traditional products. However, this does come at a price to the consumer. Many customers are shocked at the price to replace the toner cartridges, realizing the ink cartridges will end up costing more than the printer itself. To assist you in getting the most out of your toner here are some tips to help your toner last longer.

First, it’s important to keep the area beneath the cartridge clean. This is a task that should be done on a weekly basis. By cleaning this area you will be removing any residue or dust that can accumulate and disrupt the paper path leading to a waste of paper and toner. Simply remove the cartridge and clean the area with a soft cloth, small vacuum, or a multi-purpose electronics duster.

Toner Emporium

Prior to printing out your documents, it is recommended to use the print preview function on your personal computer. It is not uncommon that you will see that the printout is not going to look the way you expected it to. By printing the document out before previewing it you will simply be wasting ink and paper. When you utilize the print preview function you have the chance change any of the settings to confirm you will get the printout you are expecting, each and every time.

You may have thought this next tip was only a myth and didn’t really work, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that by doing this you can get an extra day or even an extra week out of your toner cartridge, depending on the type of model your printer is. When you see that your printouts are becoming lighter, remove the cartridge from your printer and shake the toner cartridge vigorously. When you do this you are making sure that the left over toner powder is moved around in the cartridge and therefore, you will be able to get as much use out of the toner as possible.

Another tip is to shop for toner at shops that specialize in toner for different printers, such as Toner Emporium. In some cases, these shops have better deals on toners, especially if you buy in bulk sizes.

Just by following these three fundamental tips, you will be able to save as much money feasibly possible on your printer toner. When keeping these tricks in mind you will be able to extend the life of every toner cartridge. For shopping or more information on toner, please visit the website at www.toneremporium.com
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